I’m a photographer, and not the kind who just takes pretty pictures (though I do that too). 

Little ROck, AR Brand Photographer

Today here I am, still telling stories, but for business owners and families. I'm passionate about helping them share their authentic selves through amazing images.

It was dreamy, but boy, was I worn out! I decided to take a break to focus on my family and a few other ventures. Now, I'm back at it, more passionate than ever.

Fast forward 10 years, and who would've thought? I was one of the most sought-after photographers, traveling to some seriously amazing places. 

If I’m not out and about with a camera in my hand, it's like I've lost my keys...something's definitely missing!

After college, I started working for a local photographer. It didn't take me long to realize, "Heck, I can do this too... but in my own way!". So, I took the leap and started my own business.

I love to capture the real you, the moments that matter, the stories that are begging to be told. 

Create photos that authentically tell your story.

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I'm married to the man of my dreams - Mr. Michael Varner. I'm also a proud mom to two adorable kiddos, Burke and Winnie. Our family has two dogs, our lab Sam and mini bernadoodle Murphy. 

My Family


I am obsessed with animals period, but dogs have my heart. If I see a dog walking down the street I will be stoppping to get some puppy love even if I am running late!



My sister Britney and I started Mamie's Poppy Plates in honor of my first child, Mamie, who we tragically lost in 2009. We're now taking this passion project across the nation - WHOOP!

My Nonprofit


I'm a DIY queen! So much so that I was outside painting my house when my amazing neighbors introduced me to my husband. Yup, you read that right - I painted my whole house!

DIY Home Projects



A Few of My Favorite Things

let's have some fun

When I am not taking pictures I'm usually out in the yard, you know, pulling weeds, fussing over my plants—gardening's my thing! It's like therapy to me. Or, if I'm not out there, I'll be lounging on our porch swing. Michael made it for me back when we were dating. It's the perfect spot for cozying up with the kids or just unwinding with a glass of wine after a long day.

During COVID I got a little bored so why not start a project! I LOVE a good DIY. I decided to paint the outside of my house - not with a sprayer - but with a rollbrush! Pretty sure my neighbors thought I had lost my mind! But it looks great and I met my amazing husband through the neighbors that way :)

Most people don't know this about me BUT my name use to be Ryan! My full birth name was Sarah Ryan Bussey and I went by my middle name until I was 5! I decided I was Sarah and that was that! 


My favorite color's pink, so much so, I painted our fridge pink. Yep, you heard it right! The kids absolutely loved it! But side note, as soon as Michael and I got hitched, the pink fridge was out! 😉 

More Fun Facts About Me:

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